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  • Steve Dawson CPA, CFE

Fraud in Small Business: International Fraud Awareness Week

November 17th-November 23rd is International Fraud Awareness Week!

As simple as it sounds, raising awareness in the workplace is truly an effective way to reduce the risk of loss due to fraud.

Fraud prevention and detection measures are often overlooked in the small business world. It is a great thought, but never seems to rise to the top of the priority list. Ignoring the need for anti-fraud measures can be devastating.

Take a moment to observe this graphic produced by the ACFE:

It can seem daunting to build an anti-fraud environment. But small, effective steps can be taken to raise awareness and strengthen protection for your business and employees.

Take a moment to understand our beliefs about the Need for an Anti-Fraud Program. Read further to see the 6 Crucial Elements of an Anti-Fraud Program. Use this information to motivate and inspire your company to begin building the best fraud prevention and detection program for your specific needs.

Empowering small businesses to develop strong Anti-Fraud Programs is our mission. We provide consultations to design, evaluate, and improve your anti-fraud program. You can also get a step-by-step guide to design a program that can be tailored for your specific needs by purchasing Steve Dawson’s book, Internal Control/Anti-Fraud Program Design for the Small Business.

If you think there may already be fraudulent activity in your company, contact us today through our website.


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