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  • Steve Dawson CPA, CFE

International Fraud Awareness Week

International Fraud Awareness Week, sponsored by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, is a great time to pause and reflect.

What does your anti-fraud program look like? Do you have one? Is it current? Is it effective? Can you confidently say that it is actively protecting you, your employees, and the growth of your business?

We work daily investigating fraud. We reconstruct records, talk with employees, analyze documentation for irregularities, evaluate policies and procedures, perform on-sight discovery, confession-seeking interviews, and so much more to determine the scope of a fraud. We provide everything we can to help businesses recover after tough losses.

But in a better world, we wouldn't have to do any of this. Our passion is to educate, to help businesses protect themselves and their employees BEFORE fraud. Before loss. Rather than sift through deceit and hurt and reassemble the pieces, we are working towards a business community that is able to see fraud at its earliest stages, or even deter it entirely.

The best way to defend against fraud is to build an effective Anti-Fraud program for your specific needs. Raise awareness, develop strong internal controls, and educate your workforce to promote focused growth that benefits everyone in your company.

For a quick start or inspiration, read through this guide from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners to begin the process of building an effective Anti-Fraud Program.

For a more in-depth, step-by-step guide, complete with examples and templates, purchase our book directly from Wiley Publishing.

Empowering small businesses to develop strong Anti-Fraud Programs is our mission. We provide consultations to design, evaluate, and improve your anti-fraud program. If you think there may already be fraudulent activity in your company, contact us today through our website.


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