International Fraud Awareness Week: Fun Friday

Fraud can be heavy. So we love these clever ways the ACFE designed to educate others about fraud. Take a look through these fun activities that also contain relevant, important facts and insights about fraud.

First, take a nostalgic step back to the days of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. This PDF has live click links that allow you to walk through the development (and discoveries) of an anti-fraud professional. You will learn some of the basic steps and approaches taken to evaluate an organization's fraud preparedness, as well as observe some fraud warning signs that emerge when internal controls are created.

Then gather some co-workers and play Fraud Week Jeo-Party! You can select this Jeopardy style game from the Fraud Week Resources page. An impressive Jeopardy style board gives relevant information and education in a quick and fun format. Played in front of staff, it can even be used as a quick Anti-Fraud training for all involved. Raising awareness raises the Perception of Detection, a key foundation of fraud prevention and detection.

To conclude your Fraud Week participation, make sure you have looked back through our other posts this week, and check out all of the resources provided by ACFE!

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