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Today's CPA Feature Article

I am honored to have authored the feature article for the March/April issue of Today's CPA, the bimonthly magazine of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Speaking to the Mind of the Perpetrator: A New Focus for Internal Fraud Prevention explores my experience with raising the perception of detection within the workforce. Internal controls to prevent fraud will always be valuable; they help us to make fraud difficult and aide in detecting it quickly. But I believe we drastically underestimate the influence we have to prevent fraud while it is still just an idea in the mind of the potential perpetrator. What if we could interrupt that thought process? What if our employees had such faith in our fraud awareness and monitoring, that they never chose to commit the fraud in the first place? Imagine the benefits to employer, employee, and companies as a whole if they prevented all of that loss to fraud.

Thank you for reading. Let us know if you have further questions on this re-focus in internal fraud prevention.

Empowering small businesses to develop strong Anti-Fraud Programs is our mission. We provide consultations to design, evaluate, and improve your anti-fraud program. You can also get a step-by-step guide to design a program that can be tailored for your specific needs by purchasing Steve Dawson’s book, Internal Control/Anti-Fraud Program Design for the Small Business.

If you think there may already be fraudulent activity in your company, contact us today through our website.


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